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How To Do Meetings, The Don Draper Way

This is from “Tale of Two Cities”, episode 10 of season 6.

And this one is from “The Phantom”, the finale of season 5.

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Kate The Wasp

Kate Hendricks is a comedienne who has a web series called Kate The Wasp. (WASP, meaning White, Anglo-Saxon Protestant.) It’s really good satire. Here she is joining OkCupid:

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Only 8 Countries Have Ever Won The FIFA World Cup

Since the first one in 1930, there have been 20 World Cup tournaments. (They skipped 1942 and 1946, for some reason.) And those 20 have been won by just eight countries – because five of them won it multiple times: Brazil five times, Germany and Italy four times each, and Argentina and Uruguay twice each. The one-time winners are England, France and Spain. Another way to look at it: five countries in Western Europe and three countries in South America.


Map of World Cup winners

Those eight represent just 10% of the 77 countries that have ever made it into the tournament. Any way you slice it, it’s a very exclusive club and Brazil, Germany and Italy are the big wigs.

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How Not To Explain ‘A Song Of Ice And Fire’ In 2 minutes

For those not cool/nerdy enough, A Song of Ice And Fire is the name of the book series of which A Game of Thrones is the first. (The name probably comes from Norse mythology, in which the first being, Ymir, was created in the void between ice and fire. There are lots of other Norse elements in the books, like long winterdragons, frost giants, giant wolvesflaming swords and magical trees. There’s even a blog about all this.) ANYWAY, Slacktory does a really funny job “trying” to explain the whole book series in two minutes:

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Tim Howard Saves

America got knocked out of the 2014 World Cup today, in the round of 16, with a 2-1 loss in overtime, just like in 2010. But one great thing came out of the loss to Belgium and that was the amazing performance by our goalie, Tim Howard.

Tim  Howard: Department of Defense

Tim Howard


The rest of the USMNT (which either means US Men’s National Team or US Mutant Ninja Turtles) wasn’t having much luck in stopping the Belgian offense, but Tim Howard set a World Cup record by stopping 16 shots on goal in one match – more than any other goalie in the recorded history of the Cup. He also had the best goalkeeping performance in any single match this Cup.

Tim Howard plans to retire when his contract is up with the English team Everton in 2017, but hopefully he’ll come back to play with the USMNT at the 2018 World Cup, in Russia. In the meantime, the tournament is now officially a very localized event: the 8 teams left are the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France from Western Europe, and Colombia, Argentina, Brazil and Costa Rica from South America (or close enough).


What If A Pro Football Coached Switched To Soccer?

My favorite quote:

No playoffs? Again, my job just got a lot easier. Ties and no playoffs…. why do you even do this?

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Cubicles & Careers: Dungeons & Dragons For Fantastical Beings

Humans like to fantasize about worlds filled with wondrous creatures and magic and quests. But what would the inhabitants of such a place fantasize about? Frustrating worlds filled with cubicles and procedures.

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‘Felicity’ Mentioned iPads In 1999

That’s right, 10+ years before the iPad was announced, it had a brief moment (with Spanish subtitles) in the third episode of season two of Felicity. The episode’s script is credited to Andrea Newman, who went on to be a co-executive producer of Cold Case and Chicago Fire, and apparently can divine the future. The show was created by J.J. Abrams, who went on to direct a couple of Star Trek and Star Wars movies.

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Pinpointing When Facebook Users Jumped The Shark

A video from The Onion goes over the new Facebook feature, LifePoint, which can tell you exactly when your life started going south:

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