Sleeping Less Makes You Eat More

From the Department of Things Your Mom, Doctor, and Everyone Else Told You That Turns Out To Be True: now they have even more ammo in their fight to convince you that getting a good night’s sleep is good for you. There’s a new study showing that the reason people gain more weight when they’re sleep-deprived — which has been known for a while — is because they eat more. In other words, they don’t gain it via osmosis or magic spells.

It turns out they eat about 300 extra calories (slightly more for women, slightly less for men), and most of that is from junk food like ice cream. Translation: they (definitely not you, though: you’re exceptional) feel like they’re entitled to a cup of ice cream that they normally wouldn’t eat.

What to tell that annoying fitness junkie friend when she points out this startling new finding: “Well of course they eat more! They need the extra energy since they’re awake doing things, instead of being asleep. What are they going to prove next? That bears that don’t hibernate, actually eat during the winter? Friggin’ scientists…”

Via Lifehacker and USA Today


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