Smartphone Etiquette

The New York Times has a list of “10 Rules to Make Sure Smartphones Don’t Make Us Stupid“, while still acknowledging the fact that it’s hard to ignore that buzzing phone, since it holds the promise of unimagined pleasure:

  1. Glance at incoming texts, but only write back to ones that are shockingly important. And excuse yourself to do so.
  2. Except for the aforementioned texts, keep your phone holstered when you’re at eating with someone. However, if the meal goes for an insufferable amount of time (i.e.., over an hour) then suggest a phone break to get a fix from the digital crack machine.
  3. Only use instant messaging for instant stuff. If it’s all the same if the answer comes back 3 hours later, email it.
  4. If you’re in an elevator, use your smartphone.
  5. No exception is being made to rule #2 just because you mention your companion in whatever you’re doing (tweet, check-in, etc). You can wait to secure your foursquare mayorship until an appropriate time.
  6. No one wants to see tweets on LinkedIn, or foursquare checkins on Facebook: keep your social media tools separate.
  7. Use the “reply-all” button as an exception, not as a rule.
  8. Don’t invite your friends to Internet groups that flood their inbox with stuff they don’t care about, but which they’ll join anyway because it’s less annoying than the awkward “sorry, that sounds like a really dumb group” response.
  9. Have private conversations in private, not in Facebook comments.
  10. Obvious self-promotion on social media sites is annoying.

By my count, while they’re all worthwhile guidelines, only four and a half of them are smartphone-specific (rule #6 is the bastard). So maybe rename it “A Guide to Digital Manners”, eh New York Times?

Via Lifehacker


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