Despite Everything, Nuclear Power Still Safe

The Straight Dope has an article on how despite Chernobyl, Fukushima and Three Mile Island, nuclear power is still among the safest sources of power, and probably the cleanest. Especially when compared to coal:

Each year. on average, 35 U.S. coal miners are killed and 4,000 are injured. In China, 2,600 coal miners were killed in 2009, following 3,200 dead in 2008. (Recent U.S. uranium mining deaths: zero.) Coal-burning power plants release close to three times as much radioactivity as nuclear plants. I focus on coal because it’s the one other energy source we can count on to deliver a big piece of predicted rising demand, but even solar cell manufacture involves toxic waste production.

Compare that with 46 deaths from Chernobyl, which was by far the worst nuclear power incident, and stemmed from gross human error and poor plant design.

From The Straight Dope

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