Map Showing Likelihood of Natural Disaster

The New York Times made a map that shows how likely different places across the US are to get a natural disaster of the tornado/hurricane/earthquake/drought/flood/hail variety. Here’s the skinny:

  • Of the big cities, Seattle gets the least disasters and Dallas gets the most
  • In general, Washington and Oregon are the best places to live if you want to avoid natural disasters — but not if you want to avoid hippies.
  • The Deep South (Texas, Alabama, Louisiana) is the worst place to live — but we already knew that.
  • Most of the Midwest and South are tornado-prone, and especially Oklahoma.
  • The entire Gulf and Atlantic coastlines are hurricane-prone, but especially the Atlantic coast from mid-Florida up to Virginia.
  • A good portion of the country is earthquake-prone: most of the Northeast, parts of the South and Midwest and almost all of the West, but especially the entire Pacific coastline.


From The New York Times via Lifehacker


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