Sneakernet Used By bin Laden In Lieu Of Internet

According to The Christian Science Monitor, all those flash drives that the Navy SEALs took from bin Laden’s mansion contained a lot of emails. Apparently, bin Laden would type up emails offline, in his Internet-less compound, save them to a USB flash drive, then hand them to a courier like the one that accidentally led the CIA to the mansion. The courier would go some far distance to an Internet cafe, plug in the USB drive, send the emails bin Laden saved on it, get new incoming emails and save them on the flash drive, then go back to the compound. This went on for years, and provides more proof of his insanity: his effective download speed must’ve been slower than the 2400 baud modems in the early 90s; it would’ve driven any sane person nuts. Just imagine if he tried to do the same thing with his social media accounts… he wouldn’t see the “likes” on his status updates for days!

From CS Monitor, via Slashdot

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