Go For The Cheap HDMI Cable

PC Magazine put a few different brands of HDMI cables to the test and found out that ones that cost 5$ did just as well as ones that cost 100$. The reason is that as long as they conform to the HDMI specification — which they have to in order to be called HDMI cables — they have to do the job of showing a high-quality picture. This includes correct technical signal transmission, regular video and even 3D video. The one caveat is that if you need an extra long cable (over 10′), some are better insulated than others against signal loss. They also point out that the best place to buy HDMI cables is online at websites like amazon.com and monoprice.com, where cables are a fraction of the price at which stores like Best Buy and Walmart sell them.

Bottom line: if you need a 6′ HDMI cable, get it online and don’t pay more than 10$.

From PC Magazine, via Slashdot

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