Infographic: The Recent History Of Our Food Choices

NPR made an infographic called “Obesity in America“. The highlights:

  • In 2009, only Colorado had an obesity rate under 20%. Twenty years earlier, there were 15 states under that rate.
  • Women lose twice as much money per year due to obesity (about 5k$ vs 2.5k$), and most of that difference is due to lost wages (does this mean thin women make more money? It definitely makes sense for some professions). The biggest cost for both genders, however, is medical.
  • Movie popcorn increased tenfold, from 170 calories in the 1950s to 1700 calories now.
  • In the past decade, fast food sales increased more than 50%. To be fair though, they have a lot healthier stuff on the menu too — alongside the badness.
  • We consume twice as much sugars as we should, and a lot more than in the 1950s.
  • We’re eating more cheese and drinking less milk than we used to. Good! If a sensible test of being vegetarian is “I’ll eat what I would kill myself”, then a corollary should be “I’ll drink milk if I would park myself next to a cow’s udder and go to town.” It’s a strange state of affairs when drinking human milk is (rightly) looked upon as being friggin’ weird, but for some reason drinking cow milk is not just ok: it’s encouraged! Oh, and then let’s make cheese and ice cream out of it too. Perverts.



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