Florida Gators Are Smart And Romantic

Assuming buying a lot of books in general means you’re well-read and smart, and buying romantic books, movies, music and — ahem — paraphernalia means you’re romantic, then Gainesville, the venerable home of the University of Florida (go Gators!) has a lot of smart and romantic people. Amazon has access to a lot of data on what people buy, and last year they released a list of the top 20 most romantic cities, on which Gainesville was sixth. This year, they released a list of the top 20 most well-read cities, on which Gainesville was eighth.

The lists, however, contained all but two of the same cities in somewhat different orders… so maybe these 20 cities just buy a lot of stuff from Amazon? The CS Monitor notes that many of the cities on these lists are home to major universities, and maybe they’re actually measuring how affluent or educated their population is. Whatever underlying trait is responsible for these lists though, it seems to be a good thing.

Ranking Most Romantic Cities Most Well-Read Cities
1 Alexandria, VA Cambridge, MA
2 Miami, FL Alexandria, VA
3 Cambridge, MA Berkley, CA
4 Ann Arbor, MI Ann Arbor, MI
5 Berkley, CA Boulder, CO
6 Gainesville, FL Miami, FL
7 Arlington, VA Salt Lake City, UT
8 Salt Lake City, UT Gainesville, FL
9 Pittsburgh, PA Seattle, WA
10 Orlando, FL Arlington, VA
11 Washington, DC Knoxville, TN
12 Bellevue, WA Orlando, FL
13 Seattle, WA Pittsburgh, PA
14 Richmond, VA Washington, DC
15 Cincinnati, OH Bellevue, WA
16 Knoxville, TN Columbia, SC
17 Columbia, MO St. Louis, MO
18 Tallahassee, FL Cincinnati, OH
19 Columbia, SC Portland, OR
20 Atlanta, GA Atlanta, GA

Via The Christian Science Monitor

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