The Couple Making Out During The Vancouver Riot Has Been Identified

An Internet manhunt (or couplehunt) has been going on for two whole days now. It’s purpose: to find the couple kissing on the ground in the middle of Wednesday’s hockey riots in Vancouver. Speaking of which, thank you Boston Bruins for finally sussing out what makes Canadians angry. So after being hard at work for 48 grueling hours, the Internet bees now have an answer to this, the most pressing of questions: it’s some guy you’ve never heard of and his girlfriend.

More irrelevant details? Sure! The guy is an Australian bartender working in Canada for a few more days until his visa expires; his next stop, like all Canadian celebrities, is the US. His girlfriend is Canadian, and therefore presumably nuts about hockey, ergo she dragged him to the hockey game. Afterward, they found themselves caught in what was a riot undoubtedly fueled by Labatt Blue and maple syrup, and while they were innocently minding their own business in front of the riot police — maybe trying to ask them where the closest Tim Horton’s was — the girlfriend got knocked over by a misplaced police shield. The chivalrous Australian rushed to her aid, and just as the photographer snapped the now infamous photo, gave her a quick peck without realizing it would make them this week’s Internet obsession.

And just how did the Internet find him? Well, it actually found his sister, who recognized him and immediately told the news media. The father confirmed the story via Skype.

Now if only people put as much effort into finding a cure for cancer.

From CBC, via NPR

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