Bam Margera ‘Predicted’ Ryan Dunn’s Death

You’ve probably heard about that one guy from Jackass, Ryan Dunn, having died a couple days ago in a fiery car crash at 130 mph. Today, it turns out he was ridiculously drunk, judging from his blood-alcohol concentration that was 2.5x the legal limit; a fact that the now-voiceless Robert Ebert predicted shortly after the accident, as evidenced by his tweet on the matter: “Friends don’t let jackasses drink and drive.” (He has since apologized for his callousness.) And now there’s a mysterious video on YouTube consisting of audio from somewhere of another Jackass, Bam Margera, talking to his mom and a guy named Tim Glomb that worked with them, in which they predict he’s going to die in a car accident. “Predict” in the same sense that I will now predict the price of oil will go up.

Dunn (on the left) posted this photo on Tumblr a few hours before he died


Bam: Well Dunn learned his lesson when he rolled his car a couple months ago.

Mom: Oh yeah, sure “he learned his lesson” — he’ll never learn his lesson.

Bam: Dunn destroyed his own car by rolling it, by driving like an asshole.

Mom: He always drives like an asshole.

Bam: Too true.

Mom: I’m serious! Like…

Bam: He’s the worst driver too!

Mom: He’s a grandstander. I’ll tell you, he’s gonna eat it someday in a car accident.

Bam: He already has — plenty of times.

Mom: I know, but I mean like… that’s his thing.

Bam: No duh! “He’s gonna eat it one of these times”. He’s wrecked six other people’s cars and three of his own.

Glomb: I have him in the death pool for

Mom: I know that

Glomb: … for death by vehi — vehicle

Mom: Yeah, he’s the vehicle guy.

Bam: He put that new engine in that 314ti BMW — it’s like so light — that, that engine was so powerful that he actually — I thought that he was gonna loop out the first time he drove it and hit a telephone pole, but he just missed it, dude.

Glomb: Dude!

Bam: I’m not even kidding.

Mom: He just has this grandstand attitude about cars, and I mean he’s just that guy.

Bam: He always has to have the best car and drag about — and brag about how fast he drives and he’s the worst fucking driver.

Mom: Yeah…

Glomb: He really is!

Mom: He is not good.

Via The Superficial

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