Let There Be Incandescent Light

There’s been a rumor going around that the incandescent light bulb is going to be next on list of things the government’s been banning recently (clove cigarettes, caffeinated alcoholic beverages, trans fats, synthetic marijuana, etc) — all of course for our own good; we all know that we can make the right choices, but those other idiots need to have boundaries set by the nanny state, or else all hell will break loose. And so was the story of the regular light bulb, that it’s too inefficient and Uncle Sam is worried that we’re spending too much of our paychecks on electricity instead of something worthwhile, like stuff at Wal-Mart for example, so he’s not going to let us do that anymore.

The compact fluorescent (CFL) bulb Uncle Sam wants you! to use. Photo by Jose Ibarra


That part is actually true. The part that’s not true is that the incandescent bulbs are getting banned. What’s actually happening is that next year, new efficiency standards go into effect which current incandescents don’t meet. But, through the power of innovation, the corporations are going to make incandescent light bulbs that do meet those standards and supposedly look and feel the same as the ones we’ve had for 100 years. Still, people don’t buy that, so there’s a bill in the House called the Better Use of Light Bulbs Act of 2011  (BULB Act — I wonder if there’s a guy in Congress whose job it is to come up with clever acronyms) that repeals the offensive parts of the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 (PDF) and lets us again have the option to spend our money on huge electric bills. But fear not law mongers, the BULB Act is not expected to pass.


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