Burn Fat With Interval Training And Eating Healthy

This week, Livestrong has more praise for eating healthy, interval training, and metabolic resistance training. First, they make it a point to say that if you eat junk food, there’s no way you’ll lose weight. It’s just impossible for people that have jobs and lives to exercise enough to burn off the just ghastly amount of calories junk food has; for example, you probably need to run for 45 minutes to burn off a slice of pizza or a couple soda or some ice cream cake. One study showed that people who did 300 hours of cardio in a year only lost five pounds, at the rate of 60 hours per pound. That’s ten hours of cardio per day in a week, just to lose one pound. A healthy diet will help that ratio become much more reasonable.

Second, the article emphasizes the right kind of exercise to burn fat. Both interval training and metabolic resistance training have been mentioned before, but the short of it is this:

  • Interval training: get your heart rate way up, then slow it back down to rest, and repeat. If you’re running, sprint then walk and do that for the duration. This burns more fat.
  • Metabolic resistance training: switch up between working out different groups of muscles; upper body and lower body, for example. The body gets used to routines pretty fast and get efficient at it, meaning less calories get burned for doing the same exercise. But if you keep switching what you do, it can’t get efficient at any one thing and therefore burns more calories.

So there you have it: eat smart and exercise smart and the weight will come off.

Via Livestrong

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