1 in 3 People Already Want The Unseen iPhone 5

Unlike the iPhone 4, a prototype of which an Apple engineer lost at a bar and ended up in the hands of the media, the iPhone 5 has yet to be seen at all. But everyone has faith that Apple  will deliver, even though Steve Jobs has been on medical leave all year. This, according to a survey by the online store PriceGrabber:

  • 35% of their customers want the iPhone 5
  • 2.5% will get it in the first week
  • The features people are wishing for in the new iPhone: better battery life, lower price, 4G support, bigger screen and better camera
  • Which smartphone OS do they like? iOS by a wide margin, with 48% of the vote.
  • Which physical phone do they want as a gift? Probably because they couldn’t think of another phone, 69% of the people picked the iPhone 5. The Motorola Droid Bionic came in second, with a whopping 7%.

No word on what the other 20% of the population voted for as their favorite mobile OS, but no doubt it was webOS.


Relatedly, word came out recently that some scientists figured out that as long as 10% of the population hold an unshakable belief (read, they’re zealots), that belief will spread like wildfire and consume most of the population. Assuming a third of the 35% of Apple fanbois are zealots, that means that pretty soon we’ll all be sporting iPhones. Although, the researchers’ models didn’t include two conflicting opinions, so maybe the Android crowd will keep Apple in check.

From PR NewsWire, via Wired and Slashdot

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