Rioters Don’t Want Books, Say Book Sellers

The disaffected youth in England has been rioting, mostly for the fun of it, for a few days now. They’ve been looting and destroying a lot of “shoppes”, but bookstore owners aren’t scared. Why? Because no one wants books, least of all rioting youth. Which makes a lot of sense, because even if your anger did come with a thirst for knowledge, you have two choices:

  • Carry the heavy paperbacks like an oaf out of an old-fashioned bookstore, or
  • Steal an iPad and a Kindle from Best Buy, then fence the Kindle and use the proceeds to buy an iBookstore gift card

So in stiff-upper-lip British fashion, the bookstores have proudly stayed open during the riots, all the while probably pondering the future in selling stuff that people don’t even want to steal, much less buy.



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