The word for “grapefruit” in French is pamplemousse and it sounds like Pomplamoose, which is also the name of a great indie band. Like any federally-recognized marriage, the band is made up one man and one woman, the latter of which does most of the vocals. The reasons it’s a good band are as follows:

  • They make really nice music together. The kind of music you just can’t not like listening to, unless you’re maybe Goth or gangsta.
  • Their videos are great, in part because the woman embodies what has to be the perfect ratio of cute to beautiful
  • Their videos are also great because they have a philosophy of showing how the music is made, so you can see exactly how they made some cool sound, which is very entertaining
  • Their videos are very well-edited, such that they’re a lot of fun to watch while listening to the nice music accompanying them

Ergo, because apparently the videos are a big differentiating factor for this band, here are two of them:

Via Laughing Squid

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