The Gestapo Wants You To Think Of The Children

The why-won’t-anyone-think-of-the-children argument is a very effective way to win an argument: are you for or against a bill that increases government surveillance of everyone, in order to catch child pornographer? If you say you’re against, how can be so cruel, and possibly a child pornographer yourself? It’s a nice way to use guilt and/or popular opinion to get what you want. Children themselves do this very well: “why won’t you buy me that toy, mommy? Is it because you don’t love me?” And now, the House Judiciary Committee are using the same method to force Internet service providers to keep everyone’s Internet addresses, which change from time to time, for a year; most keep them for 30 or 60 days now.

Of course, when they were asked to limit the use of those addresses to child porn investigations, the lawmakers showed their true colors and refused. So it’s not about kiddy porn at all, but rather that’s just a red-herring so that Big Brother can surveil all of us — the vast majority of which are innocent, and 99.99% of whom aren’t child pornographers. But to hell with everyone’s freedom of privacy: won’t anyone think of the children? The House is going to vote on the bill probably in September.

From NPR


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