Now *This* Is A Marketing Gimmick

Back in February, the Consumerist reported that a New Zealand clothing store called Superette installed embossed plates saying “Short shorts on sale Superette” at strategic spots on park benches. The idea was that women wearing short shorts would sit on the benches, and because of the plates’ placement, they would leave an indented print in the skin on the back of the women’s thigh.

This is just really brilliant, for a couple of reasons:

  • Even if the whole imprint thing doesn’t happen, they still have ads on park benches that will be seen because people will feel the embossed plates when they sit down. It’s probably a lot more expensive than a print ad, but also probably a lot more effective, due to how unusual it is
  • If the imprints do happen, two things will follow: first, the woman who got branded is likely to notice the ad (even if she didn’t on the bench), and tell everyone about what happened to her. Second, pretty much everyone walking behind her will try to read what it says, without looking creepy. Ergo, free walking models advertising their stuff.
  • If nothing else, they’ve gotten a lot of brand recognition since this went viral

Via Consumerist

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