Spartacus Is Dead; Long Live Spartacus

Andy Whitfield, the guy who played Spartacus in Spartacus: Blood and Sand, was the latest victim to be claimed by 9/11. This time, the terrorist was cancer — blood cancer at that. He had been diagnosed with lymphoma a year and a half ago and was expected to recover. Starz postponed the second season of Spartacus to give him time for all that and filmed a prequel to the first season instead. At first, he was declared cancer-free as the lymphoma went in remission, but it returned this January and like the Romans eventually got Spartacus, the cancer eventually got Whitfield.

Andy Whitfield and his wife Vashti in 2008 in Sydney


He was born in Wales in 1974 (so he was 37 when he died, not 39 as has been reported), got an engineering degree and engineered things until he decided to move to Sydney and become an actor in 1999, at 25. He was married and has two kids.

The third season of the series (second chronologically, due to the prequel) will be called Spartacus: Vengeance, and Spartacus will be played by the Australian actor Liam McIntyre. The trailer is below.

From AP

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