Even The Creator Of The TSA Wants It Dismantled

You know a kid’s bad when even his parents don’t like him. The congressman that wrote the bill creating the TSA in the aftermath of 9/11, John Mica (R-FL), was interviewed by Reagan’s favorite magazine, Human Events. In it, he calls the agency a “complete fiasco” that grew far beyond what it was intended to do, which is get intelligence and monitor security threats — not pat or chat us down. He points out how in their entire 10-year history, they have not detected even a single threat, and instead just keep playing catch-up with the terrorists:

“Everything they have done has been reactive.  They take shoes off because of [shoe-bomber] Richard Reid, passengers are patted down because of the diaper bomber, and you can’t pack liquids because the British uncovered a plot using liquids”

But on the even-worse side, over that decade the TSA has had its share of scandals:

  • In 2002, TSA officials wasted millions on luxury resorts in the Carribbean, Florida and Colorado, not to mention paying an executive 5.4 million dollars for 9 months of work
  • In 2004, TSA screeners were arrested for stealing all kinds of valuables from passengers’ luggage
  • In 2006, they failed to find 60% of explosives during a security test

This, on top of the numerous complaints about patting down children and disabled elderly, and allowing stun-guns and foot-long razor blades through security. Since every single terrorist in American aviation history was either successful or foiled on the plane by passengers — not by the TSA — we are in effect paying 8 billion dollars per year (all of NASA costs only 18b$) to be forced to take our shoes of, be photographed by naked body scanners or patted down, and sometimes have our stuff stolen. We obviously need some sort of aviation security, but the TSA is not it.

From Human Events, via Slashdot


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