Apple iPhone Might Have By Far The Highest Retention Rate

UBS did a small-ish worldwide phone survey (515 people), with mostly European and Asian smartphone owners, but a quarter of them also came from ‘the Americas’. What they found was that 45% of those surveyed owned iPhones, which is a lot higher than the 25% or so that we see in the US (in surveys with a proper sample size). The Android numbers were backwards too — about 14% owned phones from Android manufacturers, whereas in Nielsen surveys in America, it’s more like 36%. So take the rest of this survey’s results with a sizable grain of salt.

They’ve found that Apple has an 89% “implied retention rate” (dropped from 95% last year), and the next manufacturer is HTC (Android) with 39%, followed by RIM (Blackberry) with 33%, Samsung (Android) with 28% and Motorola with 25%. Nokia’s on there too, but really, who cares? No word on how UBS came up with the “implied retention rate”, but they have figures for how many people are planning to switch to and from a manufacturer. A lot more people planned to switch to Apple than from it, and a few more planned to switch to HTC and Samsung than planned to leave them. Everyone was planning to chuck their Blackberries and Nokias into the river though and get an iPhone, or HTC or Samsung Android.

Most Android users were planning on staying with Android, but about a third were going to move to Apple. HTC was the most popular Android handset (39%), followed by Samsung (27%) and Motorola (16%).

From GigaOm


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