So You Want The TSA To Be Gone

Sign this handy petition at the White House’s website entitled “Abolish the TSA, and use its monstrous budget to fund more sophisticated, less intrusive counter-terrorism intelligence.” It reads:

The Transportation Security Administration has been one of the largest, most expensive and most visible blunders of the post-9-11 homeland security reformation. It has violated countless constitutional rights of average Americans, caused miserable and expensive delays in an already-overburdened air travel system, and allowed multiple known instances of harassment, theft, extortion and sexual abuse by its employees. It has failed approximately 70% of undercover efficacy tests, and for all its excesses, has been unable to catch even a single terrorist since its creation. In our current economic situation, we can no longer afford to continue wasting taxpayer dollars on this kafkaesque embarrassment. Let us instead invest in saner, more effective solutions.

Petitions on the site need 5,000 signatures in 30 days to even be looked at, and this one passed the 15,000 mark in two days. Still, the TSA is so entrenched and dismantling it has such high potential to be political suicide, that it will need a lot more than 15,000 signatures to be taken seriously. For example, what if there’s a terrorist attack the day after the TSA is gone? If it’s the day before, no biggie — we all know the TSA is awful at its job and don’t expect it to actually do anything besides make us take our shoes off and throw our water bottles out. But if it’s the day after — post hoc, ergo propter hoc — the attack will have obviously happened because the TSA was gone. The only thing that’ll make the administration take that risk is if not abolishing the TSA is a worse political move. And ignoring a petition with, say… a million signatures would probably be worse.

So go to the petition and sign it. You have to create an account on the White House website, but it takes all of the 30 seconds — a lot less than it does to take your shoes off and put them back on at the airport.

Update (Sept 28th): the petition was created on September 22nd but on the 25th, the webpage changed to one saying that it was undergoing maintenance and to check back shortly. As of the 28th, it’s still down — it looks like the administration is trying to put the kibosh on this before anything happens.

Update (Oct 28th): the petition resurfaced at a different address, and the threshold was upped to 25,000 signatures in 30 days — which it met with 28,000.

From The White House


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