Arbitrary Rankings Of The New 2011 Fall TV Series

It’s early October now and there are still several new TV series that will debut over the next month or two, but most of them have already started. So without further ado, here’s a list of the new shows, ordered from best to worst:



  • Homeland (excellent) — a Showtime series about a crazy CIA agent stalking a war hero/terrorist, starring Claire Danes? Yes, please!
  • New Girl (very good) — Zooey Deschanel being eccentrically cute with three of her roommates. Not a lot to not like, but it may or may not get old quickly.
  • Suburgatory (very good) — really smart, dry satire on suburbia. Like Better Off Ted and Arrested Development though, it’s probably too smart for its own good and unlikely to last too long.
  • Up All Night (very good) — it’s funny trying to see hip new parents try to stay cool, and this show captures it very well.

Up All Night


  • Free Agents (good) — there’s a lot of good here, but something doesn’t quite click all the way. Still, one of the better new series: funny, well-written, interesting. All signs point to it being cancelled soon though. (Update 10/8: it got cancelled.)
  • Pan Am (good) — between The Playboy Club and this, it’s the one closest to Mad Men. Decent writing, lots of style.
  • Ringer (good) — lots of interesting drama. Good hook, well-written, intriguing, Buffy — cool stuff.

Pan Am


  • 2 Broke Girls (pretty good) — odd-couple kind of sitcom. Not bad, but not particularly original or funny.
  • How To Be A Gentleman (pretty  good) — odd-couple kind of sitcom. Not bad, but not particularly original or funny; looks like it’s on it’s way out the door, too. (Update 10/8: it got cancelled.)
  • Prime Suspect (pretty good) — it’s a procedural crime drama, but it has a bunch of character around it which makes it a little fun to watch, since it doesn’t strictly follow the “solve the murder” script each week.
  • Revenge (pretty good) — kind of like The Count of Monte Cristo in the Hamptons. It’s decently executed, but really predictable so that cuts out a lot of the reason to watch it.
  • Whitney (pretty good) — it’s an average sitcom with a little spice that makes it a little above average.



  • Charlie’s Angels (average) — keeps reminding me of how good Alias was, and how meh this is. Word on the street is that it’ll get cancelled soon too.
  • The Playboy Club (average) — it tried to be Mad Men, right down to the lead who could be Don Draper’s cousin, but it just didn’t get there. The first show that got canned this season; would be good on Lifetime, though.
  • The Secret Circle (average) — basic CW show about teen angst and superpowers. Nothing to see here.
  • Person of Interest (not good) — procedural crime drama. Nothing interesting about it, unless you like being told how clever the writers are at coming up with a crime to prevent each week.
  • Terra Nova (pretty bad) — really bad Jurassic Park. The only thing decent about it is the special effects. Everything else seems like it was created from a “How To Make An Action Movie For Dummies” book.

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