Third Giant LEGO Man Washes Up On Sarasota Beach

This morning on Siesta Key Beach (a.k.a, the best beach in America), some guy found a giant LEGO man in the surf. It’s 8 feet tall, made out of fiber glass, and is wearing red pants and a green shirt that says “NO REAL THAN YOU ARE.”

Sarasota LEGO Man (Photo by Herald-Tribune/Jeff Hindman)


Giant LEGO men like these have also washed up in other beach resort towns: Brighton, England in 2008 and the first one in Zandvoort, Netherlands in 2007. They all wear red pants, but the one in Zandvoort had a blue shirt; the other two had green shirts. And the ones in Sarasota and Zandvoort were 8-ft tall and had the “NO REAL THAN YOU ARE” slogan, while the one in Brighton was 6-ft and had no slogan.

That slogan, by the way, is the title of Ego Leonard’s website; he’s an artist and has a picture of a LEGO man on the site that says “HELLO HOW ARE YOU DOING TODAY.” If you for some reason use only his last initial, his name is Ego L. ; if you then did the last-name-first thing, you’d end up with L., Ego — the LEGO man. The earliest the Internet archive time machine crawled his page was in October of 2007, two months after the first man was found. His website title was the same.

Zandvoort Lego Man (Photo by c.e. delohery)


Brighton Lego Man (Photo by Kent News & Pictures)


Lego Man on Ego L.'s website


There’s a very interesting pattern at play here: besides the fact that they appear in beach resort towns, you can draw an almost straight line on the map, going southwest, connecting all three towns. And each time, it crossed (or went around) land too — first, across South East England, then across Florida. It took nine months for the phenomenon to cross the North Sea to England, and then just five days shy of four years to cross the Atlantic to Florida. In miles per month traveled though, it went four times faster across the Atlantic: 5,000 miles in 48 months vs 375 miles in 15 months; maybe it had a faster ship to cross the ocean.


Giant LEGO man route


If the pattern holds, it should next land somewhere around Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, sometime in mid-2013 — assuming same speed over land, and a bunch of other things. Finally, here’s a video of the Zandvoort one:

Update, Oct 26th, 2011: The Herald-Tribune emailed Ego Leonard, who responded thusly:

I am glad I crossed over. Although it was a hell of a swimm. Nice weather here and friendly people. I think I am gonna stay here for a while. A local sheriff escorted me to my new home.

From The Herald-Tribune


  1. An 8 foot LEGO man washed ashore on Sarasota beach. O America, you never fail to surprise me.

  2. America dosn’t have much to do with this…as pointed out, it landed elsewhere in the world first. What are you goin on about?

  3. “you can draw an almost straight line on the map” Yes, on some kind of map. It would be different with an other “projection”

  4. It’s very surprise for me the 8 foot LEGO man washed ashore on Sarasota beach. O America.

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