Toyota Is Making A Driverless Prius

Seems like thanks to Google and DARPA, this driverless car thing is really taking off. At the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show, Toyota is letting people test-ride in an autonomous version of the Prius called the AVOS (Autonomous Vehicle Operation System). The passengers can summon the car, get in the back seat and experience the AVOS avoiding obstacles and parking itself. A Gizmag article also points out that since they both sponsored winning teams in DARPA’s autonomous vehicle Grand Challenges, GM and Volkswagen are generally thought to be at the forefront of the driverless car game, which is probably making Toyota nervous.


Autonomous Prius at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show



All of this is great, because thanks to human drivers, many more Americans have died in car accidents than in all the wars we’ve ever fought, put together.

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From Gizmag, via Slashdot


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