PSA Posters Warn About Doing Art

The College for Creative Studies in Detroit has a new advertising campaign done by Team Detroit.




The danger of dabbling in art, of course, is the same as the danger of dabbling in drugs: an unstable life of poverty; always trying to do more art, always wondering when your next paycheck is going to come, living in a shack with no heat because art took any chance of having a real career away — all the while being involved in a string of intense but brief flash-in-the-pan relationships with other art lovers, who, aside from the onlookers gawking at the train wreck that is an artist’s life, are the only people that will spend time with them. And it should be needless to mention that there’s also heavy drug use throughout.

From Tek1Now, via Neatorama


  1. So sculpting is what his parents call it.