Alec Baldwin Also Thinks Flying Sucks

Earlier this week, Alec Baldwin got kicked off an American Airlines flight because he flipped out when a flight attendant told him to stop playing Words With Friends on his phone while they were sitting at the gate. American Airlines blames Baldwin for being a jackass and not listening to the flight crew, while, in a note he wrote in The Huffington Post, Baldwin blames American and the industry in general for turning flying into the travel equivalent of going to the dentist. Both parties fail to realize that the blame should actually go to the FAA: the flight attendant was just doing her job, since she was following the regulation that all electronic devices must be turned off when the plane door is closed and the plane is below 10,000 feet; a rule that makes absolutely no sense in today’s world.

Unfortunately, instead of turning his anger to the FAA, Alec Baldwin complained about being singled out. Even though it actually does sound like he was singled out, the real problem is that he could even be singled out for playing a game while the plane was waiting on the ground. That the crew should not have enforced the FAA’s ridiculous rule is a matter secondary to the fact that the rule exists in the first place. In his note, Alec Baldwin did touch briefly on the government’s role in the matter:

One of the big changes, in my time, is in the increase of the post-9/11, paramilitary bearing of much of the air travel business. September 11th was a horrific day in the airline industry, yet in the wake of that event, I believe carriers and airports have used that as an excuse to make the air travel experience as inelegant as possible.

From The Huffington Post and AP, via TIPB


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