The TSA Responds To Petition To Abolish The TSA

The White House implemented a petition system in September, and of course the most popular petition was to legalize marijuana. The administration’s response was written by the Drug Czar, so the jist of it was along the lines of “are you kidding? That’s like a major part of my job, man. I got kids to feed.” So the petition was denied because marijuana has no medicinal value, but no word on what that has to do with the price of tea in China, since alcohol and tobacco also have no medicinal value. Similarly, today, the TSA chief responded to a petition to abolish the TSA, and the jist of it was along of the lines of “are you kidding? That’s like a major part of my job, man. I got kids to feed.” So the petition was denied because the TSA keeps the country safe, but no word on what country he’s talking about, since Congress itself pointed out that the TSA has never prevented a terrorist attack, including none of the four major ones attempted since 9/11.


Of course, that the response was a “hell no” is hardly surprising, given that it was written by the TSA. It’s how you would respond if the Internet handed you a petition requesting that your job be eliminated. So the real insight here is that the petition system is just classic misdirection designed to give people a place to vent. If the Obama administration were actually serious about the petitions, it wouldn’t have handed the marijuana one to the Drug Czar and the TSA one to the TSA chief as it did, probably attached to a memo saying “explain why your job matters.” If they were taking the petitions seriously, the response would’ve come from the guy who would actually make those changes: Obama himself, hopefully after actually considering the petition instead of just paying lip service to it.

From The White House


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