Predictors For A Happy Marriage

  1. Sexual Intimacy
  2. Commitment
  3. Generosity

That’s according to a study (PDF) by the University of Virginia’s National Marriage Project. The top two are no-brainers, but how high generosity ranks may be a little surprising. All the couples in the survey had kids, but the ones that said there was a lot of generosity in the marriage were five times more likely to say their marriage was very happy. And there was correlation between all three: couples who reported high amounts of generosity and commitment also said they were sexually satisfied.

From the report:

Generosity is defined here as “the virtue of giving good things to [one’s spouse] freely and abundantly,” and encompasses small acts of service (e.g., making coffee for one’s spouse in the morning), the expression of affection, displays of respect, and a willingness to “forgive him/her for mistakes and failings.” Husbands and wives who score high on the generosity scale—both in terms of giving and receiving in a spirit of generosity—are significantly more likely to report that they are “very happy” in their marriages and less prone to divorce.

From The National Marriage Project (PDF), via MSNBC and The New York Times


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