Petition For The White House To Acknowledge Its Petitions Are Not Petitions

An enterprising individual noticed a pattern in the White House’s responses to the people’s petitions on its website: they’re not treating them so much like “petitions” per se, but more like requests for explanations. For example, the response to the petition to legalize marijuana was to explain why marijuana is not good for people; the response to the petition to abolish the TSA was to explain why the TSA doesn’t actually suck. So the aforementioned enterprising individual made a petition to remove the word “petition” from the White House petitions site and maybe replace it with “request for explanation:”

This website has helped in making zero changes and has failed to carry out its purpose according to the clear definitions it was created by. Therefore, I believe the word, “Petition,” should be completely removed from this site. It is untruthful to all who vote and support commonly agreed upon causes. It is misleading and provides false hope, making people feel like their government is listening and willing to make changes based on the simple rules of, “Enough Votes = Change,” when it will not.

If you agree, go the website and vote on the petition — it needs to reach 25,000 votes by January 14, 2012. And if it succeeds, it will mean that the only petition the White House approved will have been the one that ended the petitions.


From The White House

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