Tesla Sedan Available Second Half Of 2012

Tesla Motors, the Silicon Valley electric car company, has announced details on their Model S sedan and made a webpage detailing all the available options. The skinny is that the S will come in four trim levels: base, Performance, Signature and Signature Performance. The cars cost from 50-98k$, depending on trim level and battery size, which can take you anywhere from 160 miles to 300 miles (on a single charge at 55mph). What you get with a decked-out 98k$ Signature Performance:

  • 0-60mph in 4.4 seconds
  • top speed of 130mph
  • fast charging (160 miles-worth in 30 min) via a ‘supercharger’
  • all-glass panoramic roof
  • 17″ capacitive touchscreen control center
  • 580W, 12-speaker sound system
  • USB ports and 16GB storage
  • 2 fold-away, rear-facing jump-seats for kids

And they’re building a network of superchargers around the country.

2012 Tesla Model S


The base level is the only one that has an option on battery size (85, 60 or 40kWh), while the other three all come with the 85kWh battery. The three batteries have a range of 300, 230 and 160 miles, respectively. They’re releasing the cars in order from biggest to smallest battery, so the higher trim levels and the base model with the 85k battery will be out in the summer of 2012, then the 60k base model in the fall and finally the 40k base in the winter. Prices, after federal tax credits, and officially only for US reservation holders:

  • 50k$ for the 160-mile range base level
  • 60k$ for the 230-mile base
  • 70k$ for the 300-mile base
  • 80k$ for the Performance
  • 88k$ for the Signature
  • 98k$ for the Signature Performance

These are all cheaper than the 109k$ which their first and recently-retired car, the Roadster, cost. Also, they should think about rating their batteries in megajoules instead of kilowatt-hours, which is an awkward unit, both to say and abbreviate, but also to not confuse with kilowatts. Hell, even megacalories would be better.

From Tesla Motors, via Slashdot

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