Shit Yogis Say

Along the same lines as Shit Girls Say and Shit Black Girls Say, Lululemon Athletica made a hilarious new video about yogis — the yoga fanatics, not the bear or Berra.

  • I’m concerned about your aura
  • You know, carrot sticks are nature’s candy and apples are actually nature’s toothbrush
  • I drank way too much kombucha last night
  • How do you say that in Sanskrit?
  • I need a coconut water
  • I hear Lady Gaga loooves yoga
  • Let’s go to the farmer’s market after class!
  • Namaste
  • Nobody owns yoga
  • The diva cup changed my life
  • I love pigeon; tastes like chicken
  • Try this, it’s really good
  • I’ve got total yoga hair
  • My chakras are sooo aligned
  • Wanna see where I can put my leg? You want to see where I can put my leg.
  • Did you see his handstand? He’s sooo hot!
  • Where’s my moccasins?
  • It’s organic, BPA-free, vegan, and gluten-free
  • I feel so balanced right now
  • My hips are so open right now
  • I just bought some reaaaly cool eye shadow for my third eye
  • It feels like a full moon
  • I don’t go to any specific type of yoga: I like to freestyle.
  • Let’s do wheatgrass shots after this
  • Hey, do you wanna do an infrared sauna after this?
  • Did you hear that hemp milk is the new almond milk?
  • I lost my voice last weekend from om-ing too much

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