Low-Protein Diets Don’t Work Too Well

According to a new study (PDF) in the Journal of the American Medical Association, if you eat too much but avoid proteins, you gain less weight than someone who eats normal amounts of protein, but more of you turns to blubber. So if you overeat, go for the protein instead of the carbs.


The study wasn’t about weight loss diets, because they had people eat an extra thousand calories per day. They divided the subjects into low, normal and high-protein diet groups and the ones in the last two gained about the same amount of weight, but much of it was lean body mass and their base metabolic rate increased, which means they were burning more calories at rest. The ones in the low-protein group, on the other hand, gained about half the weight, but much of that was in fat, and they even lost lean body mass.

From The Journal of the American Medical Association (PDF), via NPR

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