Actually, You Probably Are The 1%

A World Bank economist figured out that an income of about 34,000$ per year, per person, after taxes makes them one of the richest 1% in the world. Half of those people come from America, another quarter from Western Europe, and the rest is split between Latin America, Australia and East Asia (Japan, Korea, Taiwan). China, India and African countries didn’t make the cut. And even the poorest Americans still make more money than two-thirds of the planet.


From CNN Money, via Neatorama


  1. a) doi. poor americans are richer than 3rd world people
    b) this “99% vs 1%” slogan is from Occupy Wall Street – therefore I believe mainly referring to the american economy and internal policy

    • a) not just 3rd world, but most of the 2nd world too
      b) Wall Street is a global institution. The context of the protests was never stated, but if they purposely left the rest of the world out, then they’re no better than the people they’re protesting against. They would effectively be saying “we are the 1%, protesting against the 1% of the 1%, and screw the rest of you… we want our money”.

      • The context of the movement is clearly stated on as well as on

        “The protestors’ slogan ‘We are the 99%’ refers to the growing income and wealth inequality in the U.S. between the wealthiest 1% and the rest of the population.”

        As for being no better than the people they’re protesting against, that’s ludicrous. This movement is protesting the issues that apply to the protestors in their daily lives. The protests in Egypt were assuage the wrongdoing in their own lives, not the lives of Americans – in the same way, OWS protestors are acting out against issues applicable to them. Wealth and quality of life are, without a doubt, relative conditions in this world.

        You don’t read Oliver Twist and think, “What’s he complaining about? there are starving Africans without any gruel at all.”

        • The Occupy Movement is less like Oliver Twist asking for more gruel and more like Bart Simpson asking for new Jordache jeans. America is a pretty serious welfare state: if you’re poor, you get free food, housing, healthcare. If you lose your job, you get unemployment for like 2 years. The basic needs are met for anyone that wants them. What the Occupy Movement complains about is getting a bigger share of the pie in general. Not for basic needs, because again, those are provided to those who need them, but for things like a nicer house, more restaurant meals and vacations.

          They want to be closer in quality of life to the wealthy, not to be less starving. On the other hand, there are plenty of starving Africans and Indians with truly dire concerns. If human equality is really what the Occupiers care about, they would take from the American 1% and give straight to the Africans, who are in much worse shape than them. But they won’t, and there in lies the selfishness and accompanying hypocrisy.

          • FALSE. The basic needs are not met for anyone that wants them. Free healthcare has never been an American staple. If you’re lucky enough to live in a city with a ‘free clinic’, maybe you can receive rudimentary help.

            Sure, you can get free housing… If you’re a WOMAN with a CHILD. If you’re anything else, the waiting list is only about a year long, and you’ll be kicked off that waiting list unless you phone in every day, during a narrow window of predisposed time. Because homeless people have the most reliable phones.

            Free food is great… again, in the CITIES. If you’re lucky enough to find it. And most places that offer free food only offer you a box full of cans, full of things you need to cook in order for them to be edible. Because homeless people have fancy things like can openers and stoves. If you live in the country, you’re likely to end up dead in the woods somewhere.

            46% of the nation is, on average, 16,000 dollars in debt. So how again are we the richest? Is 99% of the world MORE than 16,000 dollars in debt?