Fun With Newt

Firstly, it turns out that back in the ’70s, Newt Gingrich used to look exactly like Dwight Schrute.


Rainn Wilson, the actor who plays Dwight, must’ve also thought this was funny because for a while, he changed his Twitter picture to an old one of Newt.


Secondly, The Onion is reporting that a time traveler from the year 1998 has appeared earlier this week, warning people that in his time, Newt Gingrich is a nefarious, adulterous hypocrite:

WASHINGTON—Saying he came bearing an important message from the past, a stranger from the year 1998 appeared on the Capitol steps Thursday and urged voters not to elect Newt Gingrich president in 2012. “In the late 20th century, Newt Gingrich is a complete disgrace!” said the time-traveling man, warning Americans that 14 years in the not-so-distant past, Gingrich becomes the only speaker in the history of the House of Representatives to be found guilty on ethics charges, and is later forced to resign. “In my time, he shuts down the federal government for 28 days because his feelings get hurt over having to sit at the back of Air Force One. Gingrich gets our president impeached for lying about marital infidelities when, at the same time, Gingrich himself is engaged in his own extramarital affairs. And for God’s sake, he divorced his first wife after she was diagnosed with cancer. Won’t anyone listen to me?!?” When asked about Donald Trump, the time-traveler said he had no information on the man, as no one from 1998 cared about a “washed-up fake millionaire.”


And finally, someone made a YouTube video called “You’re A Mean One, Newt Gingrinch,” which mostly highlights how much Newt hates kids and his wives, but set to the theme music of How The Grinch Stole Christmas:

Via Happy Place, The Onion, and YouTube


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