The World’s ‘Shortest Man Ever’ Record Has Been Broken

In early January, an 18-year old Indian woman was crowned shortest living woman, measuring just over two feet: 24.72 inches. She was by no means the shortest woman ever, who was 22.8″, nor the shortest person ever, who at that point was an Indian man measuring 22.4″. She wasn’t even the shortest person alive then, due to a 23.6″ Philippino guy named Junrey. Poor Junrey’s reign didn’t last long though: you become eligible for the title at 18, which he turned on June 12th, 2011. He now lost the title, barely half a year later, to a 72-year old Nepalese guy who is not only the shortest living man, but, as far as humanity knows, the shortest man that ever lived: Chandra Dangi, 21.5″ short.

Chandra Dangi, the shortest man that ever lived


Poor guy hasn’t had an easy life, either. He really wanted to get married, but never found a wife. His parents died before he was a teenager and his evil relatives used to parade him around at freak shows — like in a Lemony Snicket novel. He makes a living weaving headbands in the middle of nowhere, Nepal. He was discovered by researchers studying the people in the region.

From The Guinness Book of World Records and Sky News, via Neatorama


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