Pat Robertson Wants Marijuana Legalized

It looks like the tide has officially turned in favor of legalizing pot: the very conservative evangelical leader Pat Robertson is saying that marijuana prohibition is doing more harm than good. Apparently he’s been saying this for over two years, and his reasoning is that the war on drugs is obviously a giant failure and that making recreational drug use a crime has been turning otherwise okay youngsters into hardened criminals. This is surprisingly sound logic from the man that said Katrina and the 2010 Haiti earthquake were divine punishments. Given that Robertson’s demographic of religious right-wing baby boomers is probably the only significant opposition to the decriminalization of marijuana, it now seems a foregone conclusion that within a decade or so, pot will be as legal as cigarettes.


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From The New York Times, via NPR


  1. Unfortunately, marijuana isn’t illegal because it’s a drug. It’s just not good for BIG BUSINESS

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