J.D. Power’s 2012 Smartphone Satisfaction Survey

They rated manufacturers, not devices, which makes it easy for Apple to win since they only make one phone, and it also happens to be pretty awesome. Consumers rated Apple significantly above the other manufacturers, and only it and HTC were rated above the industry average. The other big Android manufacturer, Samsung, was rated just slightly below average, followed closely by Motorola; LG rounded out the Android makers. The rest were all the other (non-iOS, non-Android), failed smartphone operating systems that are still drawing their last breaths: Blackberry ranked about the same as LG, followed by Nokia and, at the very bottom, the now-defunct HP/Palm webOS phones.


Next time your friends want to get an Android phone, point to the iPhone’s place at the top of the user satisfaction survey, their record sales numbers, and their crazy high 89% customer retention rate.

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From JD Power, via iMore

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