Former TSA Agent Admits Airport Security Is A Joke

About a month ago, the TSA Out Of Our Pants guy, came to us with his crazy hair and microphone and said the agency’s naked body scanners can’t see anything at your sides, so you can easily take explosives and guns on board. Now he’s back, looking a lot like the Joker, and armed with an anonymous, disgruntled former TSA agent.


She goes by the pseudonym of “Jennifer” and her face is blurred out, though for some reason, her voice doesn’t seem to be altered at all. Blurred out TSA credentials are also shown, so presumably she’s legit. The highlights of the interview indicate that the entire operation is indeed just security theater:

  • The naked body scanners failed to detect things all the time, during testing and live use: guns, knives, bags of powder that were supposed to resemble explosive material, and of course, 12″ razor blades and stun guns. (This fact has also been discovered by the Germans before.)
  • Due to personnel shortages arising from huge turnover, the TSA uses agents that are untrained on the machines they operate
  • There’s a manual of Standard Operation Procedures that’s supposed to be present at every checkpoint, but “Jennifer” has never even seen it, much less read it

The former agent said she was appalled at this farce, so she exhausted her chain of command, then wrote her Congressmen in good whistle-blower fashion, after which she got fired. She implies the firing was related, but it sounds suspiciously like a post-hoc fallacy: would a Congressman really bother to get a TSA agent fired?

The full video:

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From TSA Out Of Our Pants, via Slashdot



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