Airport Police Prefer Their Nudists To Be Of The Female Persuasion

Last week, a woman stripped naked at an airport gate (not a security checkpoint) after gate agents saw her smoking and told her to “put out her butt”. Denver police said they wouldn’t be arresting her.


Last night, a man stripped naked at an airport security checkpoint in protest, because he felt harassed by the TSA. Portland police did arrest him.

There are no details on why the woman was taken to a hospital instead of being arrested, but presumably she was some degree of crazy. Presumably, the man wasn’t. They were both protesting, the woman against smoking bans and the man against TSA harassment. Maybe they’re soul mates.

What’s interesting is that the guy got naked in Oregon, one of the few places where non-sexual public nudity is legal. Portland and a few other cities have introduced nudity bans, but nudity as a protest has been upheld to be legal even in those cities.

What’s also interesting is that these seem to be the first nude protests in airports, both within a week of each other. (Hopefully this becomes a very entertaining and frequent happenstance.) People have protested the TSA before with lack of clothing, but normally they’ve just stripped down to their underwear — probably to avoid getting arrested.

From Fox 31 Denver, TMZ and Komo News, via Slashdot and Forbes

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