Laziness Correlated With Alzheimer’s

A study used Philips’ Actical device to measure the amount of energy 700 old people (average age of 82) expended. Over the course of the study, about 10% of those people developed clinical Alzheimer’s disease. The ones that did develop Alzheimer’s tended to consume less energy per day. And the lazier they were, the more demented they became. Sloth: just one of the deadly sins.

Sloth in the Amazon. Photo by Carol Schaffer


In related news, Nike makes a very cool energy-measuring device, called Fuelband, that looks like a futuristic watch, and it works with your iPhone. It has a “fuel” display that goes up throughout the day as you use more energy, so you can easily tell if you’ve been too lazy. If your fuel display is down in the red, you’re not doing well. It sells for 150$ in the Nike Store.

Nike Fuelband

From Neurology, via NPR


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