Apple Co-Founder Likes The New Windows Phone

Steve Wozniak, known by nerds all over as “Woz”, was the technical brains behind Apple. He and Steve Jobs first started building computers in Jobs’ parents garage: Woz knew the electronics and technical details like the back of his hand, while Jobs had good taste. The two Steves grew apart over the years, and Woz stayed on at Apple for a couple years after Jobs got fired in 1985. Being a fabulously wealthy nerd, he now consumes all the gadgets he can. His favorite phone is the iPhone, but he also has a few Androids and likes that you can tinker with them more than you can with the iPhone.

Well according to a new interview, he also has the new Windows phone (Nokia Lumia 900), whose interface he likes so much that he thinks Steve Jobs may have reincarnated at Microsoft. And he definitely prefers it to his Androids, but not his iPhone. With this kind of endorsement, maybe mobile Windows isn’t dead yet — much to the chagrin of the Blackberry crowd.

From SoundCloud, via iMore


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