The BCS Is Probably Moving To A 4-Team Playoff In 2014

The AP is reporting that all the BCS commissioners are finally on-board with recommending a four team, three game playoffs. The effort is being led by SEC commissioner Mike Silve, which sort of makes sense since the SEC has dominated college football, winning 8 of the 13 national championships, including the last 6 years in a row. The BCS leadership will recommend this new plan to its conferences, tweak it as needed and then get various levels of approval, including that from university presidents. This last one will likely be the toughest sell because any change to the current bowl system may undermine the giant revenues universities make from playing in bowl games. But if everything goes well — and it looks like it will, — final approval for the playoffs will be given on July 4th. (How patriotic.) was give on June 26th.


Part of the reason the playoff system will likely be approved — besides the fact that fans that have been clamoring for one for years and that it’s very conspicuously the only sporting system without one — is that the powers that be may not have much choice: shortly after his 2009 inauguration, President Obama said that we need a college playoff system. His comment stemmed from the fact that following the 2008 season, there were three 1-loss teams  — Florida, Oklahoma and Texas, — which left it up to computers and polls to decide which two of them would end up in the national championship game (it was Florida and Oklahoma; the former won 21-14). And to add insult to injury, the only undefeated team (Utah), wasn’t even allowed to prove itself because it was widely considered to not be quite up to par in playing with the big dogs.

Boise State fans have been locked out of the national championship game despite having great season records


It looks like Obama followed through on this issue, because in May of 2011 the Department of Justice began an investigation on why the NCAA does not use a playoff system, hinting that there may be anti-trust issues at play. That legal pressure, on top of the immense pressure from the fans, may have finally been enough to tip the scales in favor of the playoffs.

(Updated to reflect the actual agreement reached.)

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