Ron Paul Raised More Money Than Anyone But Romney

Yesterday, Ron Paul effectively bowed out of the presidential race by not spending any more money on the states that haven’t had primaries yet. But the remarkable thing is that he raised almost 36m$ for this election; Mitt Romney raised almost three times as much (87m$), but Newt raised only 22.5m$ and Santorum, 22.6m$. (Obama raised more than all of them combined — almost 200m$ so far.) So Ron Paul came in 2nd as far as cash goes, but 4th as far as delegates go: Romney has 966, Santorum 264, Newt 130 and Paul only 104. The effect, it would seem, is that Paul is more popular with the people who donate to elections. Unfortunately for him, money doesn’t win elections. Yet fundraising ability is still a great predictor for election outcome, because donors are investors in campaigns, and no one likes to throw their money away.


The fact that Paul raised so much money probably means that a lot of people agree with what he’s saying, which makes sense given that a majority of Americans might actually be Libertarian — whether they know it or not. In any case, it must feel very good for him that after 40 years of campaigning and prophesying, the Libertarian platform has gained enough ground to make him a household name. Given that his popularity has been driven substantially by young people — not to mention celebrities from Kelly Clarkson to Vince Vaughn to Snoop Dog — who want to see the TSA abolished, pot legalized, wars ended, and disappearing entitlements revamped, it seems likely that the movement will continue to grow.


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From The LA Times and The New York Times, via Slashdot

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