China Replicates An Entire Austrian Village

The Chinese are excellent at copying things, though those things are usually movies and scientific papers. But once in a while, they copy a whole town. The latest xeroxed town: Hallstat, an ancient Austrian village that’s home to the world’s oldest salt mine. It was copied right down to its statues and flowers, and built in just under a year, in southeast China.


Austrian Hallstat. Photo from


Lake Street in Austrian Hallstat


Street in Chinese Hallstat. Photo from News24.


As implied, this is not the first time this has happened. In various parts of China, there are all kinds of heavily European-inspired towns:

  • Antig, a German-style town
  • Nordic Town, inspired by Scandinavia
  • Chengdu British Town, inspired by Dorchester, England
  • Thames Town, inspired by Britain
  • Mini-versions of Venice and Barcelona


Chinese Newlyweds Photographed In Thames Town. Photo by


Of course the Chinese are just the latest among countries rich enough to replicate Europe:


Tokyo Tower in Tokyo, Japan


Paris, Las Vegas


St. Mark's Square from Venice, inside The Venetian in Las Vegas


Leavenworth, Washington


Germany at EPCOT in Orlando, Florida



And it’s hardly a one-way proposition:


Byodo-In Temple, Oahu, Hawaii



China at EPCOT in Orlando, Florida



Chinatown, Philadelphia


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From News24 and, via Slashdot


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