Iron Patriot Is Going To Be A Villain In Ironman 3

A leaked photo from the set of Iron Man 3 shows the actor playing Eric Savin dressed up in the Iron Patriot costume. The fact that Iron Patriot is going to be a villain is very cool: in the comic books, Norman Osborn, who was also the Green Goblin in Spiderman, promises to be good and leads a team of Avengers for the government. In the end, they turn out to be evil of course, and Iron Man has to stop him.

Iron Patriot on the set of Ironman 3. Photo via The Superficial.


The interesting thing is that Eric Savin was not Iron Patriot, but rather he was Coldblood. So, either they’re rewriting comic book lore, or something very interesting is afoot. The former is more likely, because Disney (who now owns Marvel) does not have the movie rights to the Green Goblin, since the Spiderman movies were done by Sony.

Iron Patriot in the Marvel comics


Via The Superficial


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