Morton Bath Salts

(If you don’t get the reference, it’s about the Miami Zombie, who ate a homeless guy’s face and the speculation was that he was tripping on bath salts — this turned out to be wrong.)

Interesting fact about this image: the Morton Zombie was created by a graphic designer in 2010, and was unrelated to bath salts. From the creator’s own post on Reddit:

The Morton Salt Zombie was originally designed by Michael J. Katits (myself) of KlimeCo in 2010 based on the iconic Morton Salt girl. It’s original message was a commentary on the creative process using the memorable image of a zombie to symbolize an artist’s struggle against failure in the creative field. Its original tagline was “When it brains it pours”, meaning, when you’re in your element, you’re on a role. Since the zombie apocolypse however, a clever fan added Morton Bath Salts to the image giving it a “new life” so to speak.

If you enjoy my work visit KlimeCo for more zombie-rific designs and commissions!

From imgur and KlimeCo, via Reddit

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