Portions Have More Than Tripled Since The 1950s

The CDC has a website called MakingHealthEasier.org, and they put up the below infographic which shows that in the past 60 years, burgers have tripled in size, french fries quadrupled and sodas have gotten six times bigger. The page links to advice from the CDC, such as using to-go bags at restaurants, ordering half-portions, and substituting filling, but less calorie-dense foods like fruits and veggies for junk food like potatoes, bread and sweets.


As we’ve seen before, the obesity epidemic is caused by the overabundance of mostly bad food, and the way to fight the constant temptation is to either eat smaller portions of poor food — just enough to extinguish the craving — or to fill up on healthy food, of which you can’t really overeat.


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From Making Health Easier, via Neatorama


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