How To Avoid And Relieve Hangovers

A new outfit called AsapSCIENCE made an interesting video (below) explaining, along with scientific reasons, various things you can do around a night of heavy drinking that will lessen the pain the next day:

  • Eat fatty foods and carbs before you embark on your binge: you’ll get less drunk
  • Drink water — lots of it, throughout the night: alcohol causes dehydration, which causes headaches
  • Stick to light colored liquors and wines: not because you’re racist, but because the darker ones have more toxins that make you feel bad
  • Avoid carbonation: fizzy liquids help your body absorb alcohol quicker
  • Take an aspirin before going to bed: it inhibits the creation of a hangover-causing chemical. But don’t take Tylenol — that’ll make your hangover worse.
  • For breakfast, eat eggs, a banana and fruit juice: all of these contain stuff that will make you feel better
  • Avoid being a woman, Asian, or both: both tend to weigh less, have less body water and less of the enzyme that breaks down alcohol, so they can’t drink as much before the badness kicks in.


From YouTube, via Laughing Squid


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