Naked TSA Protester Found Not Guilty

Back in April, a man stripped down to his birthday suit at the Portland airport in protest of what he felt was TSA harassment; his two-hour trial was yesterday. During, he explained that the TSA found traces of nitrates — which can be used for bomb-making — from a wipe of his clothing. Fed up with all the machines, tests and procedures that basically try to see people naked, he decided to “up the ante” and show them he wasn’t hiding any explosives. Airport police arrested him, but in Oregon, public nudity is recognized as a form of free expression, especially in the context of a protest. The judge declared him not guilty because of this, despite suggestions from the prosecutor that he came up with the protest angle after the fact.


Even if he was found guilty, he would’ve just had to pay a fine, not face jail time, since the misdemeanor was downgraded by the prosecutor to a violation. But, he may still have to pay an 11,000$ fine as well as be put on the no-fly list, because the TSA is investigating him for interfering with the screening process — apparently by proving to them that he wasn’t hiding anything. Maybe someone should organize a large-scale naked protest, to test the TSA’s resolve of treating everyone as a terrorist.

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From KGW and The Oregonian, via NPR

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